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In addition to ensuring accounting and regulatory compliance, the leadership of an organization increasingly looks to the finance and accounting team to aid in strategic decision-making, mitigate business risks, track and enhance the organization’s performance, investigate the potential use of emerging technologies and tools, and ultimately increase shareholder value.

As businesses shift their attention to more strategic processes like analysis, business partnership, and decision support, they are also automating transactional operations and expanding their capabilities. The finance and accounting department is under more scrutiny and regulation than ever before, making it difficult to know where to begin implementing improvements in light of the new workload.

Finding a trusted advisor who can consistently deliver on your needs is a top priority. Our guidance is centered on your goals for the company, rather than generic considerations of the elements involved. As auditors, we apply these guidelines for understanding your business to maintain objectivity and independence. We aid companies of all sizes and in all industries in coping with risk, maximizing their performance, and fully realizing their potential in today’s complex and ever-changing business climate.

By considering all facets of the transaction as a whole, Baker Tilly is able to provide smooth, efficient service. Executives understand that nothing in our life is permanent. There are substantial potential payoffs if you can weather the storm that lies ahead. By leveraging our network, you can expand your own while feeling confident that your firm is in good hands. Among the best in the business, our teams excel in many ways.

Baker Tilly can offer an integrated approach to all facets of the proposed transaction to provide a seamless,efficient service.

Advisory Services

  • Financial Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • IFRS Reporting
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Review
  • IT Advisory in Risk Consulting
  • Transaction Services and Deal Advisory

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The CFO office has unique challenges, complexity, and an ever-changing environment, and Baker Tilly is there to provide vital consulting services and assistance to financial leaders, business owners, and investors.