Tax Services

We can provide tax services that will assist you to reduce risks, increasing cash flow, and adding value to your organization by understanding your business.
Our tax team has extensive experience with tax planning and can help you manage your tax exposure and satisfy your commercial goals in the most efficient way possible. In an increasingly complicated tax environment, we provide focused and insightful solutions based on our extensive knowledge of tax legislation.

Baker Tilly Merali’s is dedicated to providing you with all-encompassing solutions that are tailored to your individual needs and expectations. Our tax services are geared to meet the demands of our clients while also meeting the expectations of the relevant tax authority. Private and public companies, as well as global corporations, are among our clients.

We provide a wide range of tax services, from tax incentive optimization to lobbying and transfer pricing support, all delivered by a dedicated team of tax experts.

Communication is key

  • Tax Advisory and Consultancy
  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Planning
  • Handling the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Review or Audit
  • Transfer Pricing Services
  • International Tax Services
  • Personal Tax Services
  • Tax Alternative Dispute Resolution Support
  • Representing clients in any subsequent appeals
  • Negotiating with the authorities about the tax demand

Understanding and complying to national and international tax laws, as well as the standards set forth by tax authorities, is fundamental for tax compliance.

Keeping up with the ever-changing tax laws and regulations is difficult. Simple errors, such as forgetting a tax law detail or wrongly estimating taxes owed, can lead to noncompliance.

We can assist your organization in aligning its operations with current laws and regulations in order to meet statutory tax requirements through our tax compliance services.

Transfer pricing compliance is one of the most significant tax challenges for businesses with international operations. Over time, transfer pricing law has evolved around the world to reduce the risk of multinational businesses’ profit shifting and capital flight.

Through our services, our team of experts will help you refine your transfer pricing documentation, design a pricing plan, and manage the resolution of any tax controversy or disputes.

For many tax authorities, the focus on indirect taxes, notably Value Added Tax (VAT), excise, and customs duty, has increased as key sources of tax revenue. For businesses, this entails higher compliance as well as more frequent audits and scrutiny from tax authorities.

Among our indirect tax services are:

Keeping you up to date on changes in customs, VAT, and excise regulations, as well as their implications for your business
Support in submitting a claim for a VAT refund

    • Indirect tax compliance services
    • Advice on import duty exemptions and incentives
    • Providing legal advice on indirect tax issues, such as contract evaluation and dispute resolution

Effective finance and treasury management necessitates strategic tax planning. We go above and beyond tax compliance by broadening our knowledge of existing tax laws, complex tax codes, and future tax rules in order to offer tax-saving options that optimize your after-tax revenue. Because we are constantly looking for ways to decrease our clients’ tax liability legally, we pay the lowest amount of taxes allowed by the law. We make it our mission to learn about your organization and apply our knowledge of the tax laws and regulations to assist you in making the best financial decisions possible.

The challenges of doing business in a global environment are numerous. Our tax team develops practical strategies to assist you in overcoming foreign tax challenges and communicates answers to you in a straightforward and understandable manner. We give professional support to enterprises with a taxable presence in another country, enabling you to comply with the resulting tax responsibilities relating to cross-border transactions.

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